Update information - Rice Database Oryzabase


  • Dec. :
  • The eml1 gene and mutant image were updated.

    The references of the following genes were updated.(ge, re1, re2, re3, enl1, orl1, fon1, fon2, sho1, sho2, sho3)

  • Nov. :
  • The following Genes were updated. (riv1, riv2, sho1, sho2, sho3)

  • Oct. :
  • Oryzabase's design was changed.

    A StockCenter Page was added.

    The oryzabase has new external database(RiceGenes) link through DetailViewPage.

    The StrainData of the following centers was updated. 。
    Tottori University, Faculty of Agriculture(center code 32),
    National Institute of Genetics, Genetic Stock Research Center(center code 4)

    The GeneDictionary and the related references were updated.

    A Several genes were added to the classical linkage map according to the RICE GENETICS NEWSLETTER(Volume15. December1998).