About - Rice Database Oryzabase

The Oryzabase is a comprehensive rice science database established in 2000 by rice researcher's committee in Japan. The database is originally aimed to gather as much knowledge as possible ranging from classical rice genetics to recent genomics and from fundamental information to hot topics.

The Oryzabase consists of the following parts :
(1) Strain stock information
(2) Mutants information
(3) Chromosome maps
(4) Gene dictionary
(5) Reference list
(6) Fundamental knowledge of rice science
(7) Featured links

We are planning to do more extensive cross-referencing of Oryzabase to the major DNA sequence database, literature database and other plant databases in order to provide the wealth of information to rice researchers.

We are calling for additional mutants and mapped gene information to incorporate into the Oryzabase. Newly identified mutants and mapped trait genes published in the scientific journals will be welcome to integrate into the Oryzabase maps.