About - National Bioresource Project Rice

Rice has a variety of wild rices with diverse genetic variation and numerous accessions of local and cultivated varieties in the world. A full genome sequencing will be completed and its information are being released at the end of 2004. It is essential that rice strains and information required for studies of genetic diversity and functional genomics are fully equipped and accessible.

This rice resource project which is a part of the NBRP (National Bio-Resource Project ) plans to establish a structure to collect, manage and release the rice resources and informations which were collected or developed in universities and institutions under the MEXT.

We are pleased to announce the 1st version of rice resource information together with an online request system. Our collection which is available for release are: (1) Wild Rice Collections (both remote and close species) collected all over the world with core collections (2) Close wild strains with AA genomeand local/cultivated varieties (3) NMU-induced mutant strains with highly concentrated mutations (4) Chromosome substitution lines replaced with AA genome wild rice fragments, recombinant inbred lines, chromosome aberrant lines and phenotype marker lines. In this project, we deal with very useful rice resources which are not involved in the RGP (Rice Genome Research Project) promoted under the MAFF. We believe these resources would be helpful to activate the rice research community as complementary materials to each other.

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