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  • October 19th, 2021: 3D atlas and single cell transcriptome data of medaka pituitary have been published from Prof. Weltzien group in Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Oslo Norway. Dr. FONTAINE kindly provided us with this important information for the medaka community.
    Characterization of hormone-producing cell types in the teleost pituitary gland using single-cell RNA-seq K Siddique, E Ager-Wick, R Fontaine, FA Weltzien, CV Henkel - 2021 Scientific data
    3D Atlas of the Pituitary Gland of the Model Fish Medaka (Oryzias latipes) M R Royan, K Siddique, G Csucs, M A. Puchades, R Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, J G Bjaalie, C V. Henkel, F-A Weltzien and R Fontaine - 2021 Frontiers in Endocrinology
  • April 12th, 2021: The following 3 items have been added to the NBRP Medaka site as related material items. 1. The 2021 is 100 memorial year for publication of " AIDA, T., 1921 On the inheritance of color in a fresh-water fish Aplocheilus latipes Temmick and Schlegel, with special reference to sex-linked inheritance. Genetics 6: 554-573". This article (Life as my teacher, Tatsuo Aida by Dr. Takeuchi ) is posted with the permission of the author and Ms. Yoshiko Aida, daughter of Dr. Aida. Please take a look at this valuable article about the life of Dr. Tatsuo Aida, the "Giant of Medaka Genetics", which is directly spoken by Dr. Takeuchi, the only disciple of Dr. Aida. 2. and 3. are two books published by Professor Emeritus Kunisuke Takeuchi of Nagoya Gakuin University with the permission of Dr. Kunisuke Takeuchi. Written in simple words, they are all interesting experiments. We hope that you will use it as a reference for student experiments in junior high school and high school.
    1. Life as my teacher, Tatsuo Aida (written by Tetsuro Takeuchi) (https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/medaka/download/202004_life_of_my_teacher_tatsuo_AIDA.pdf)
    2. Biological experiments for elementary, junior high and high school students (written by Kunisuke Takeuchi) (https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/medaka/download/2014_biological_experiment.pdf)
    3. Experiment of medaka that anyone can do (by Kunisuke Takeuchi) (https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/medaka/download/2014_medaka_experiment.pdf)
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・ Acknowledgements
We are grateful to NBRP Medaka (https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/medaka/) for providing OK-Cab (Strain ID: MT830), BAC clone (ola1-001A01), Fosmid (GOLWFno001_a01) and Hatching Enzyme.
・ Materials and Methods
OK-Cab (Strain ID: MT830) was supplied by NBRP Medaka (https://shigen.nig.ac.jp/medaka/).

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  • Library: 33
  • Total Entry: 730259
  • Library: 1
  • Total Entry: 110017
  • Library: 2
  • Total Entry: 453784

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