Strain information
Strain ID TG923
Strain Name gapdh-loxP[DsRed]-GFP(B)
Strain Type Transgenics
Characteristics This strain was designed to evaluate cre-mediated recombination.
Successful recombination on the loxP sites by cre activity results in expression of GFP in the tissue with endogenous gapdh.

Endogenous expression of gapdh
DsRed expression is controlled by the gapdh promoter. After excision of floxed DsRed by cre recombinase, GFP expression is induced. The DsRed expression was observed in cardiomyocytes of heart, liver, epidermal cells of digestive tract, muscle and fin in larva at stage 3 dph. In adults, DsRed fluorescence was observed in heart, liver, digestive tract, ovary and muscle.

GFP induction mediated by cre recombinase (combination of hse-cre and gapdh-loxP)
When heat treatment was done in embryos carrying both hse-cre and gapdh-loxP constructs at stage 32-33, GFP expression mediated by induced cre recombinase was observed in heart, liver, muscle, digestive tract and fin at 3 dph. In adults, induced GFP fluorescence was observed in ovary. The induced GFP expression by recombination was mosaic in both embryos and adults.
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(Name of the Publication: Kobayashi K, Kamei Y, Kinoshita M, Czerny T, Tanaka M. A heat-inducible CRE/LOXP gene induction system in medaka. Genesis. 2013/01.51(1).59-67.)
Category Transgenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
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