Strain information
Strain ID TG126
Strain Name AD-1/GFP
Strain Type Transgenics
Characteristics GFP expression in hemocytes from the 3-day-embryo stage.
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Special affairs [Address] ■The RECIPIENT shall refer the following publication in any PUBLICATIONS.
(Name of the Publication: Maruyama K, Wang B, Ishikawa Y, Yasumasu S, Iuchi I. (2012) 1kbp 5' upstream sequence enables developmental stage-specific expressions of globin genes in the fish, medaka Oryzias latipes. Gene. 15;492(1):212-9.)
■The RECIPIENT shall include the name(s) of following researcher(s) as co-authors in the first PUBLICATION. (Name(s) of researcher(s): Kouichi Maruyama (National Institute of Radiological Sciences) and Ichiro Iuchi (Sophia University))
Category Transgenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Deposited by Sophia university
Old strain name AD-1/GFP
Old deposited by Sophia university
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Movie When you couldn't see the Movie, please click <a href="/medaka/images/strainImages/;jsessionid=89D1C1AF2A1128A82B97B23151DA7169">HERE</a> to download it. AD-1/GFP (TG126) _NBRP Medaka