Strain information
Strain ID MT827
Strain Name T5
Strain Type Mutants
Characteristics Having resseive allels of the 5 loci, b, gu, lf, i and wl. This strain has i-b allele in the i locus.
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Category Spontaneous mutant strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
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Phenotypic difference of chromatophore pattern among T5, wild type and orange-red variety
Melanin formation in retinoic epithelial cells is delayed in T5 but not in wild type and orange-red variety, because of transposon insertion at the promoter region of the tyrosinase locus in T5 strain. Leucophore expression is depressed in T5 but not in wild type and orange-red variety. Because T5 has homozygous for the lf locus. There are no melanotic melanophores on body surface in T5 and orange-red variety but wild type fish has many melanotic melanophores.T5 is good for making transgenic line because of the delayed melanization in retinoic epithelial cells, no melanotic melanophores on body surface and no leucophores with bright autofluorescence throughout the life.

MT827_T5_Breeding process for production of T5 line