Strain information
Strain ID MT109
Strain Name FLFII
Strain Type Mutants
Characteristics Dimorphism in body color. Female is white (b/b, Xr/Xr ) and leucophore free (lf/lf), and male is orange-red (b/b, Xr/YR) and wild type (lf/+) for the leucophore phenotype. Dimorphism also observed in PCR marker, SL1, with one band in females and two bands in males.
Notes The RECIPIENT shall use the BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS only for the purpose of research.
Please note that we will use OK-Cab (MT830) for artificially insemination with frozen sperm of this strain.
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Special affairs [Address] ■The RECIPIENT shall refer the following publication in any PUBLICATIONS and/or any presentations. (Name of the Publication: Wakamatsu, Y., Inoue, C., Hayashi, H., Mishima, N., Sakaizumi, M., and Ozato, K. Establishment of new medaka (Oryzias latipes) stocks carrying genotypic sex markers. Environ. Sci. 10(5), 291-302, 2003.)
Category Spontaneous mutant strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by Nagoya university
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