Strain information
Strain ID MT1124
Strain Name Red-variegated(B'B'RR)
Strain Type Mutants
Symbol B'B'RR
Characteristics Body color is orange-red variegated with black. Mutated gene is slc45a2. Genotype is B'B'RR.
Tatuo Aida found this variegated strain and provided to Teturo Takeuchi in 27th June 1954. Teturo Takeuchi gave this strain to Kiyoshi Naruse in 12nd October 2016.
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    • Aida T. On the Inheritance of Color in a Fresh-Water Fish, APLOCHEILUS LATIPES Temmick and Schlegel, with Special Reference to Sex-Linked Inheritance. Genetics 1921/11.6(6).554-73.
Category Spontaneous mutant strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Live in NIBB
Deposited by National Institute for Basic Biology, Okayama Shoka University
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