Strain information
Strain ID MT1166
Strain Name Hd-rR-p53(y186x)
Strain Type Mutants
Characteristics This strain is derived by p53(y186x)(MT893, Cab background) created through TILLING and crossed with Hd-rR more than 7 times. Phenotypes are different in Homozygous (Y186X/Y186X) mutants from the original Cab mutant fish p53(y186x) (MT893), for example there is no tumor for their whole life. As for the background is close to Hd-rR, this mutant shows high-reproducible phenotype to several stresses.
Notes Please note that we will use OK-Cab (MT830) for artificially insemination with frozen sperm of this strain.
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    • Yasuda T, Oda S, Li Z, Kimori Y, Kamei Y, Ishikawa T, Todo T, Mitani H. Gamma-ray irradiation promotes premature meiosis of spontaneously differentiating testis-ova in the testis of p53-deficient medaka (Oryzias latipes). Cell Death Dis 2012/10/04.3.e395.
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Category Mutants created by TILLING
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by The University of Tokyo
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Document (PDF) Genotyping protocol_MT893