Strain information
Strain ID IB1024
Strain Name Hd-rR.Cab-dmrt1^C53R
Strain Type Inbred strains
Symbol C53R
Characteristics This strain has a Dmrt1 mutation created through TILLING. Homozygous (C53R/C53R) XY mutants develop to fertile females, whereas heterozygous (C53R/+) XY individuals develop to fertile males. Homozygous (C53R/C53R) and heterozygous (C53R/+) XX mutants show no phenotype (fertile females).
Notes Please note that we will use OK-Cab (MT830) for artificially insemination with frozen sperm of this strain.
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Special affairs [Address] ■The RECIPIENT shall refer the following publication in any PUBLICATIONS.
(Name of the Publication:Masuyama H, Yamada M, Kamei Y, Fujiwara-Ishikawa T, Todo T, Nagahama Y, Matsuda M. 2012. Dmrt1 mutation causes a male-to-female sex reversal after the sex determination by Dmy in the medaka. Chromosome Res 20:163–176.)
Category Congenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by Utsunomiya University
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Document (PDF) IB1024_Genotyping protocol