Strain information
Strain ID TG999
Strain Name Tg(PBiP-EGFP)2
Strain Type Transgenics
Characteristics BiP is Hsp70 family protein in the ER. In response to ER stress, transcription of BiP is upregulated. The expression level of BiP reflects the level of ER stress.
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    • Ishikawa T, Okada T, Ishikawa-Fujiwara T, Todo T, Kamei Y, Shigenobu S, Tanaka M, Saito TL, Yoshimura J, Morishita S, Toyoda A, Sakaki Y, Taniguchi Y, Takeda S, Mori K. ATF6α/β-mediated adjustment of ER chaperone levels is essential for development of the notochord in medaka fish. Mol Biol Cell 2013/05.24(9).1387-95.

      Ishikawa T, Taniguchi Y, Okada T, Takeda S, Mori K. Vertebrate unfolded protein response: mammalian signaling pathways are conserved in Medaka fish. Cell Struct Funct 2011.36(2).247-59.
Special affairs [Address] ■ The RECIPIENT shall include the name(s) of following researcher(s) as co-authors in the first PUBLICATION. (Name(s) of researcher(s): Tokiro Ishikawa and Kazutoshi Mori)
Category Transgenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by Kyoto University
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TG998-1002_Transgene map


1dpf fish without ER stress reagent Tm (-), and same fish after treatment of Tm 2ug/ml 24hour(+)