Strain information
Strain ID TG908
Strain Name T5-Tg(olphsp70.1-hRluc-Venus)
Strain Type Transgenics
Symbol unkown
Characteristics Inducible expresssion of hRluca-Venus was observed in embryos under the fluorescence microscope. After heat shock (42C, 1min), adult fishes show Venus fluorescence in most tissues and organs, except for germ cells. A transgenic embryos and adult fishes expressed Venus in the lens without heat shock. Transgene: 3.4kb medaka heat shock promoter was ligated to codon-humanized Renilla reniformis luciferase (Promega) - Venus (Nagai et al., 2002) fusion gene in pGL4.70 [hRluc] (Promega).
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    • Deguchi T, Itoh M, Urawa H, Matsumoto T, Nakayama S, Kawasaki T, Kitano T, Oda S, Mitani H, Takahashi T, Todo T, Sato J, Okada K, Hatta K, Yuba S, Kamei Y. Infrared laser-mediated local gene induction in medaka, zebrafish and Arabidopsis thaliana. Dev Growth Differ 2009/12.51(9).769-75.
Category Transgenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Deposited by The University of Tokyo
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Heat shock (42C for 10 min) induced Venus expression in embryos. Images taken from the same sample under a fluorescence microscope (Left panel) and a bright-field microscope (Right panel) are shown.

Heat shock (42C for 10 min) induced Venus expression in adult fish throughout the entire body. Images taken from the same sample under a bright-field microscope (Left panel) and a fluorescence microscope (Right panel) are shown. The upper fish is transgenic and the lower fish is wild type.

TG908_T5-Tg(olphsp70.1-hRluc-Venus) transgene map