Strain information
Strain ID TG840
Strain Name Tg(EF-1alpha-A-Pkd2deltaC-EGFP)
Strain Type Transgenics
Characteristics Transgene: Medaka EF-1α-A promoter, Medaka polycystic kidney disease 2 (Pkd2) gene, EGFP.
Category Transgenic strains
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by Hokkaido University and Nagoya University
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Histological analysis (HE staining) of adult medaka at aged seven months in the heterozygote of EF-1α-A-Pkd2ΔC-EGFP no.12 strain.
A) C) A few cysts in the right kidney can be detected. Asterisk shows an ureter, which is equivalent to an ureter of human.(A;40x, C;100x))
B) A few cysts in the left kidney can be detected. (40x)
D) No cyst can be detected in a control of adult medaka. (40x)

The homozygous transgenic (EF-1alpha-A-Pkd2deltaC-EGFP) medaka at 5 months after hatching has some kidney cysts in hemotoxyline-eosin-stained section (original magnification x40). Arrows indicate cysts. * indicate uretea.

TG840_Tg(EF-1alpha-A-Pkd2deltaC-EGFP)_transgene map