Strain information
Strain ID MT924
Strain Name ESCO2^R80S
Strain Type Mutants
Symbol ESCO2^R80S
Characteristics ESCO2^R80S/R80S homozygous mutants exhibit developmental delay and die before hatching. Head deformities (particularly brain and eye malformation) and somite malformation are observed in homozygous mutants. In chromosomal analysis, mutants also show a significant increase in the chromosomal abnormalities, premature centromere separation.
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(Morita, et al. Develop. Growth Differ. 54 :588-604, 2012)
Category Mutants created by TILLING
Organization National Institute for Basic Biology
Frozen sperm in NIBB
Deposited by Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health
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Head deformities (particularly brain and eye malformation, arrow head) in homozygous mutant embryos at 2 dpf (days post-fertilization).