Enter the screening plate and well information

About Medaka TILLING

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  • As sperm are cryo-preserved in the liquid nitrogen, every strains are provided as embryos obtained from crossing with Cab strain.
  • User must exchange an agreement with the developer of this TILLING library and inform us about the content of agreement by email or postal mail. After this process, we provide the embryos from TILLING library. E-mail address is here. A sample of agreement is here.

Input method

Fill in the following information about the plates and wells to order artificial insemination according to your screening results. You can search up to 10 items at once.

  • KT: Select a KT (plate) number (1 - 61)
  • Well-alpha: Select a well plate letter (A – G)
  • Well-No: Select a well plate number (1 – 12)
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KT Well-alphabet Well-No