Submit Medaka Strains

How to deposit?

Live animals, frozen sperm can be received at NBRP Medaka. Please read these instructions carefully and fill out the deposition application form on this page. After reviewing this application, we will contact you.

NOTE: If your medaka strain will be preserved in our repository, we need either 5 pairs of live fish, 50-100 embryos. We also accept the deposition as the frozen sperm.

Please download, sign and send this MTA in TWO COPIES AFTER you have received our confirmation, that we can accept and preserve your medaka strain at NBRP medaka. If the capacity allows us to integrate your medaka strain into NBRP medaka, we usually need 5 pairs adult fish or 50-100 embryos. Further details will be sending and discussed with you after we will have decided whether or not your strain can be integrated into our repository.

If there are any further questions or more detailed information needed, please contact us .

After receiving the MTA, we will contact you with the details on how and when to ship the fish. We will cover all shipping costs. Frozen sperm have to be shipped in a special transportation box (Dry shipper) that can be supplied on request. We require to fill the excel data sheet, which describe the character of your fish. This is important to integrate your fish data into our strain database.

DEPOSIT FORM Template Download DEPOSIT FORM Template