National Institute for Basic Biology maintains MEDAKA resources for research and developing technologies regarding biology, medical science, supplies and environment. Also, we collect, preserve, and provide standard strains , inbred strains, mutants, wild stocks, and related species of MEDAKA as live-resource. Moreover, we provide genome sequence and BAC/EST genome resource. National Institute for Basic Biology and Utsunomiya University practices those provisions.

1) National Institute for Basic Biology a) Conservation and provision of standard strains, some inbred strains, natural mutant strains, transgenic strains, and induced mutant strains (only provided as embryos).

b) Collection and provision of ESTs/full length cDNAs/BAC /fosmid clones.

c) Update and provision of the genomic information on the genome sequences, transcriptional start site information, BAC/Fosmid clone linking information and in silico predicted genes
2) Utsunomiya University a) Conservation and provision of wild populations, mutant strains of sex determination and differentiation, and related species as a collaborative project with Southeast Asian countries.

b) Conservation and provision of some natural mutant and inbred strains as a backup for the core facility.