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**Contents [#cf2fada0]
+Keeping medaka 
--1.1 tanks
---[[1.1.1 tanks used in Nagoya Univ.]] 
---[[1.1.2 cleaning tanks]] 
--1.2 water
---[[1.2.1 water in Nagoya]] 
---[[1.2.3 checking water quality]] 
--1.3 food
---[[1.3.1 artificial food]]
--1.4 disease 
--1.5 room conditions---temperature, illumination, etc. 
+Breeding medaka 
--2.1 embryo collection 
---[[2.1.1 simple method for obtaining next generation]] 
---[[2.1.2 artificial insemination]] 
---[[2.1.3 sterilization of embryos by bleaching]] &size(10){&color(red){Under construction};};
--2.2 embryo culture 
--2.3 preparation of food for medaka
---[[2.3.1 culture of paramecia]] 
---[[2.3.2 culture of brine shrimp]]
+Maintaining medaka stocks 
--3.1 inbred lines 
--3.2 closed colonies
--3.3 freezing medaka sperm
---[[3.3.1 Cryo-preservation of Medaka sperm]]
---[[3.3.2 Cryopreservation of Medaka Spermatozoa (trehalose buffer)]]
---[[3.3.3 Artificial insemination using frozen sperm]]
+Looking inside of medaka 
--4.1 anatomy
--4.2 sectioning
---[[4.2.1 Frozen sectioning]]
--4.3 3D imaging
--4.4 Skeleton
---[[4.4.1 Staining of cartilage and bone in whole embryos, larvae and adults by Alcian blue and Alizarin red]]
---[[4.4.2 Calcein and Alizarin complexone staining]]
---[[4.4.3 von Kossa staining of sections]]
---[[4.4.4 TRAP staining of sections]]
--4.5 Blood vessel
---[[4.5.1 Alkaline phosphatase staining]]
---[[4.5.2 Confocal microangiography]]
---[[4.5.3 Dye injection]]
+Culturing cells 
--5.1 cell culture
---[[5.1.1 primary cell culture from the caudal fin]]
--5.2 chromosomal analysis
---[[5.2.1 chromosomal analysis of primary cultured cells from the caudal fin]] 
--5.3 FISH
+Looking at gene expression in medaka 
--6.1 preparation of hatching enzyme
---[[6.1.1 preparation of hatching enzyme (Nagoya)]] 
--6.2 in situ hybridization
---[[6.2.1 Whole-mount in situ hybridization (Inohaya version)]]
---[[6.2.2 In situ hybridization in fins]]
--6.3 two-color in situ hybridization 
--6.4 immunohistochemistry
---[[6.4.1 Antibody staining in fins]]
+Generating transgenic medaka 
--7.1 construct of transgene 
--7.2 microinjection 
--7.3 isolation of a transgenic line
+Screening a new mutant---Mutagenesis 
--8.1 ENU mutagenesis
--8.2 specific locus test 
--8.3 screening 
--8.4 complementary test
+Manipulating gene expression in medaka 
--9.1 ectopic expression of genes by DNA or RNA injection
---[[9.1.1 DNA construct]]
---[[9.1.2 preparation of synthetic RNA]] 
--9.2 knock-down of genes by antisense morpholino oligonucleotide injection
--9.3 transplantation
---[[9.3.1 Labeling of embryo and transplantation of the embryonic shield]]
+Mapping and cloning 
--10.1 mapping a gene
---[[10.1.1 preparation of mapping panel]]
---[[10.1.2 detection of polymorphism]] 
--10.2 determination of linkage group---M-marker analysis
---[[10.2.1 genomic DNA extraction]]
---[[10.2.2 PCR amplification of M-markers from the DNA pools]]
---[[10.2.3 separation of PCR products and determination of the candidate linkage group of mutation]]
--10.3 choromosome walking 
--11.1 histochemistry
---[[11.1.1 PAS staining]]
---[[11.1.2 Acridine orange staining]]
---[[11.1.3 TUNEL staining]]
+Exposing medaka to chemicals 
+Getting tools and facilities 
+How to get information
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