*4.4.4 TRAP staining of sections [#ad973ad2]

Yoshiyuki Nemoto~
Tokyo Institute of Technology

** General information [#e4a8f662]

Mature osteoclast has a tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase(TRAP) enzymatic activity. 

** Reagents and equipments [#ac08f6bc]

-Reaction solution:~
1.5mM naphthol AS-MX phosphate, 0.5mM Fast Red Violet LB salt, 20mM L(+)-tartrate in 0.1M acetate buffer (pH 5.2).
-glass slides

** Method [#k9775a97]

+Place sections on a drop of D.W. on to a glass slide.
+Stretch the section and let the section dry at r.t.
+Section is incubated with a drop of reaction solution at 37ºC or r.t. for 1hr in the humid box.
+Stop reaction by transferring the section into D.W. and rinse with D.W.

** Reference [#m12ee6e3]

Nakano Y, Toyosawa S, Takano Y (2004). Eccentric localization of osteocytes expressing enzymatic activities, protein, and mRNA signals for type 5 tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP). '''J Histochem Cytochem''' 52 (11): 1475-1482.

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