10.1.1 Preparation of mapping panel

Hiroyuki Takeda
University of Tokyo Interbreeding of medaka strains for the generation of a mapping panel

  1. Heterozygous mutant carrier fish of the AA2,Qurt,drR, Hd-rR or cab strains (derived from southern Japanese populations) are crossed with either HNI or Kaga strains (derived from northern populations).
  2. Identify the fish which are heterozygous for the mutant allele and the wild-type allele derived from the HNI or Kaga strains.
  3. Intercross heterozygous carriers and collect at least 30 mutant embryos and 30 wild-type sibling embryos. (You must use the F1 embryos of the heterozygous carrier fish clones.)

For mapping mutations, our protocol for BSA (bulked segregation analysis) with M-marker 2003 is described in the section 10.2.

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