Medaka Histological Atlas

Medaka has been widely used as a vertebrate model in biology, medicine, environmental science and fishery. A condition required for the widespread use of an organism as a model is that its histological atlas be available. Unfortunately, the histological atlases of medaka for use by researchers are as yet not available. We, the steering committee of the National BioResource Project (NBRP) Medaka have launched a project, in which the Editorial Board edits and releases medaka histological atlases on the web. As the first step of this project, we will release the brain histological atlas developed by Dr. Yuji Ishikawa of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. Dr. Yukiko Yamazaki of the National Institute of Genetics produced an atlas that is easy to use and understand on the basis of the original atlas prepared by Dr. Yuji Ishikawa. We plan to release two to three additional atlases in the near future.

These histological atlases will be edited on the web; thus, it is possible to revise existing items and add new items to previously published atlases. Although we have recently released an atlas prepared by a member of our project team, we would like to improve continuously the histological atlases by adding information received from the readers of this web site. We look forward to receiving information from the readers of this site. We would appreciate your opinions and additional information.

15 July 2005
Yuko Wakamatsu, Ph. D.
Chief of Core Organization
National BioResource Project Medaka

Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Yuko Wakamatsu (Nagoya University)
Editors: Yuji Ishikawa (National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
  Hiroshi Hori (Nagoya University)
  Hisato Kondoh (JST SORST /Osaka University)
  Akira Kudo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  Hiroshi Mitani (The University of Tokyo)
  Mitsuru Sakaizumi (Niigata University)
  Naoki Shibata (Shinshu University)
  Hiroyuki Takeda (The University of Tokyo)
System Management: Yukiko Yamazaki (National Institute of Genetics)
Editorial Office: Hisashi Hashimoto (Nagoya University)

Guide to authors

In order to enrich the contents of the Medaka Histological Atlas, our editorial office welcomes and encourages your contribution regarding Medaka Histological Atlas. If you have any useful atlases, which may have already been published in journals or may not be published in the future, please consider contributing them to the Medaka Histological Atlas.
Before your atlases are published on the web, the manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by the editors. The contents of the Medaka Histological Atlas may be published in printed form in the future. When you are ready to provide any atlases, please contact the editorial office.

Hisashi Hashimoto, Ph. D.
Editorial Office of the Medaka Histological Atlas
Bioscience and Biotechnology Center
Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan
E-mail address: hsshsmt@bio.nagoya-u.ac.jp


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(Authors' name. Medaka Histological Atlas. Edited by the Editorial Board of Medaka Histological Atlas of NBRP Medaka. http://rcshigen.lab.nig.ac.jp/mb_src/medakabook2/index.php)


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