Enter the related species BAC clone plate and well information


  • These libraries were constructed under the support by KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research) on Priority Areas "Comparative Genomics" from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.


  • A separate screening is required when utilizing Related species BAC clones because terminal sequence information is not available. At NBRP Medaka, we use 3D DNA pool for PCR screening. By performing PCR at least twice, we are able to determine the plate number and well position of the object clone. Please contact us at if you require screening.

Related species BAC clone

Library Source Entries
IMBX   Oryzias dancena (XX individual)   36864
IMBY   Oryzias dancena (YY individual)   36864
LMB1   Oryzias luzonensis (XX individual)   50688
OCB   Oryzias celebensis (XY individual)   26112
OHB1   Oryzias hubbsi (ZZ individual)   40704
OJV1   Oryzias javanicus (ZZ individual)   50688

Input method

Based on the screening results, specify the plate number and well position of the clones you wish to request. You can search and request for up to 30 items at once.

  • Library name: Select a library(IMBX, IMBY, LMB1, OCB, OHB1, OJV1)
  • Plate No.: Select a plate number
  • Well-alpha: Select a well plate letter(A~P)
  • Well-No: Select a well plate number(1~24)
Library Plate No. Well-alphabet Well-No