A pedigree in the specified facility containing individuals is displayed.
Father (mother) or place of birth

GAIN ID number
Species or Subspecies
Date of birth
Death date
(Only for dead individuals)
Current facility name
With photograph ...... Living individual
Without photograph ...... Dead individual
Black frame and black character ...... Individual in that facility
No frame and gray character ...... Individual in other facilities
Blue ...... Male
Yellow ...... Female
Legends for species or subspecies are as follows:
  V : P.t.verus Western Chimpanzee
  E : P.t.ellioti Nigerian Chimpanzee
  T : P.t.troglodytes Central Chimpanzee
  S : P.t.schweinfurthii Eastern Chimpanzee
  H : hybrid Hybrid between subspecies
  U : unknown Unknown
  N : not to judge Not to judge
  *( )represents an individual whose subspecies can be judged but for whom its parents’ subspecies are unknown.
  B : Borneo
  S : Sumatra
  X : Hybrid between subspecies
  U : Unknown
  AO : Hylobates agilis Agile gibbon
  AA : Hylobates agilis agilis Mountain agile gibbon
  AU : Hylobates agilis unko Lowland agile gibbon
  AL : Hylobates agilis albibarbis or Hylobates albibarbis Bornean agile or white-bearded gibbon
  LO : Hylobates lar White-handed gibbon
  LL : Hylobates lar lar Malaysian lar or white-handed gibbon
  LC : Hylobates lar carpenteri Carpenter's lar or white-handed gibbon
  LE : Hylobates lar entelloides Central lar or white-handed gibbon
  LV : Hylobates lar vestitus Sumatran lar or white-handed gibbon
  LY : Hylobates lar yunnanensis Yunnan lar or white-handed gibbon
  PO : Hylobates pileatus Pileated or capped gibbon
  MO : Hylobates muelleri Muller's gibbon
  MM : Hylobates muelleri muelleri Southern or Muller's gray gibbon
  MA : Hylobates muelleri abbotti Abbott's gray gibbon
  MN : Hylobates muelleri funereus Northern gray gibbon
  JO : Hylobates moloch Javan gibbon
  JM : Hylobates moloch moloch Western silvery or Western Javan gibbon
  JP : Hylobates moloch pongoalsoni Eastern silvery or Central Javan gibbon
  KO : Hylobates Klossii Kloss's or Mentawai gibbon
  HO : Hoolock spp. Hoolock gibbon
  HL : Hoolock leuconedys Eastern hoolock gibbon
  HH : Hoolock hoolock Weatern hoolock gibbon
  SO : Symphalangus syndactylus Siamang
  SS : Symphalangus syndactylus syndactylus Sumatran siamang
  SC : Symphalangus syndactylus continentis Malaysian siamang
  NO : Nomascus. spp White-cheeked crested gibbon
  NL : Nomascus leucogenys Northern white-cheeked crested gibbon
  NS : Nomascus siki Southern white-cheeked crested gibbon
  GO : Nomascus gabriellae Yellow-cheeked crested gibbon
  NC : Nomascus concolor concolor Tonkin black crested gibbon
  NF : Nomascus concolor furvogaster West Yunnan black crested gibbon
  NJ : Nomascus concolor jingdongensis Jingdong black crested gibbon
  NU : Nomascus concolor lu Laotian black crested gibbon
  NN : Nomascuc nastus Cao-vit crested gibbon
  NH : Nomascus hainanus Hainan crested gibbon
  NA : Nomascus annamensis Northern buffed-cheeked gibbon
  XO : Hylobatidae Hybrid
  UO : Hylobatidae Unknown, unidentified
  UN : Nomascus spp. Unknown, unidentified (Nomascus)
  UH : Hylobates spp. Unknown, unidentified (Hylobates)