Chimpanzees(List) in Okinawa Zoo and Museum

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All including individuals bred in the past

The total number of individuals that have lived in Okinawa Zoo and Museum, including those presently living there, is 11 chimpanzees.

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Group GAIN ID number Name Species /
Sex Date of birth Death date Facility
C 0073 Hanako V F 1968? 2009.02.03 Okinawa
C 0083 Chieta U F 1972? 1996.03.09 Okinawa
C 0124 Suguru V M 1978.12.28   Okinawa
C 0248 Coco H F 1985.05.13   Okinawa
C 0473 Gin H M 1992.03.01   Okinawa
C 0620 Jimmie V M 1975.06.26 1980.02.11 Okinawa
C 0630 Moko H F 2001.04.11   Okinawa
C 0776 Natsumu H F 2019.07.26 2021.07.04 Okinawa
C 0777 Mokoichi H M 2019.07.30   Okinawa
C 9062 Chieko U   198? 19?? Okinawa
C 9063 Bwusuo U M 19?? 1976? Okinawa
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