Bonobos(List) in Asahiyama Zoo

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Individuals currently bred

There is no bonobo in Asahiyama Zoo.

Asahiyama Zoo   

Location 078-8205  Kuranuma, Higashiasahikawa-cho, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Tel. no. 0166-36-1104 Fax no.  
Opening hours 9:30-17:15
10:30-15:30 (winter season)
Closed day from Aplir 8 until April 28 and from November 4 until November 17 for preparation. Closed on the end of the year and New Year's Day (from December 30 to January 1).
Entrance fee high school students and older 800yen, junior high school students and younger free
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