Gorillas(List) in Japan Monkey Centre

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All including individuals bred in the past

The total number of individuals that have lived in Japan Monkey Centre, including those presently living there, is 7 gorillas.

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Group GAIN ID number Name Species /
Sex Date of birth Death date Facility
G 0033 Hanako   F 1967? 2009.02.25 JMC
G 0039 Fujio   M 1971.02.02 1987.05.27 JMC
G 0053 Rikki   M 1972? 2003.03.04 Nagoya
G 0082 Taro   M 1973.04.20   JMC
G 9016 Unknown   F 1980? 1980.7.2 JMC
G 9901 Munidy   M 1945? 1961.06.02 JMC
G 9902 Emmy   F 1952? 1961.06.06 JMC
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