Gibbons(List) in Kumamoto City Zoo and Botanical Gardens

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All including individuals bred in the past

The total number of individuals that have lived in Kumamoto City Zoo and Botanical Gardens, including those presently living there, is 20 gibbons.

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Group GAIN ID number Name Species /
Sex Date of birth Death date Facility
H 9858 unknown UO M   ? UNK
H 9859 unknown UO     1968.02.16 Kumamoto
H 9860 unknown UH M 1948? 1960.07.09 Kumamoto
H 9861 unknown SO M   1934.12.06 Kumamoto
H 9862 unknown UO M   1941.02.01 Kumamoto
H 9863 unknown SO M   1973.07.07 Kumamoto
H 9864 unknown UN     ? seller
H 9865 unknown UN M   1973.09.?? Kumamoto
H 9866 unknown LO M   ? seller
H 9867 unknown LO F   ? seller
H 9868 unknown UH M   ? seller
H 9869 unknown AO M   1980.03.31 Kumamoto
H 9870 unknown AO M   1987? Sasebo
H 9871 unknown AO     ? seller
H 9872 unknown AO     ? seller
H 9873 unknown AO     ? seller
H 9874 unknown AO M   ? UNK
H 9875 unknown AO M   ? UNK
H 9876 unknown AO M   ? private
H 9877 unknown AO F   1974.09.17 Kumamoto
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