chimpanzee : Umetarou

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:0599    (2010-02-25Updated)
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Name Umetarou
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1999.07.13
Place of birth Japan Monkey Centre
Current facility Nasu World Monkey Park
Father Akira
Mother Fujiko
The individual's former name is Atsushi. After moving to Nasu World Monkey Park, he appeared in moving zoos and chimpanzee shows as Umetarou.
Life history
1999.07.13 Umetarou was born at Japan Monkey Centre. He grows up by natural feeding.
2002.01.28 Umetarou moved to Nasu World Monkey Park.
2002 He appeared on a show as "Umetarou".
2008.01.14 Umetarou died from pneumonia.
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