chimpanzee : Kobuhei

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Name Kobuhei
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1995.12.30
Place of birth Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve
Current facility Nogeyama Zoo
Father Yuminosuke
Mother Noriko   (human rearing)
When the individual lived in Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve, his left hind leg was attacked and injured by Jane {0029}. Therefore, his walking is slightly awkward.
Since this individual was hand-reared, he likes humans very much. He also likes to clean up a boot like grooming.
Life history
1995.12.30 Kobuhei was born at Akita Omoriyama Zoo. Since the his mother Noriko  {0183}  did childcare abandonment, he grows up by artificial childcare.
1997? Kobuhei was moved to his mother Noriko's  {0183}  place and he joined to the group. He was attacked by Jane  {0029}  and injured his left hind leg.
2002.10.15 Kobuhei moved to Nogeyama Zoo. He lives with Pieko  {0026} .
2010.01.22 Mock  {0720}  was born of Miracle  {0626}  and Kobuhei.
2011.01.20 Rui {0725}  was born. Whose mother was Miracle  {0626} .
2014.11.26  {9266}  was born (stillbirth) Mother: Miracle {0626} 
2015.12.05  {0755}  and  {0756}  were born as a twin. Mother: Miracle {0626} 
2016.09.04 Koutaro {0759}  was born. Whose mother was Miracle  {0626} .
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