chimpanzee : Arashi

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:0507    (2014-02-14Updated)
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Name Arashi
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1993.12.07
Place of birth Non Hoi Park Toyohashi City Zoo and Botanical Park
Current facility Tama Zoological Park
Father Gayi
Mother Aki
The individual looks like his mother, Aki. His forehead is thin-haired. Although his constitution is superior to that of Chinta, his face is still childish.
This individual was once naughty, but has become calm now. He is popular with females.
Life history
1993.12.07 Arashi was born at Non Hoi Park Toyohashi City Zoo and Botanical Park. His ownership is Kobe Oji Zoo.
1995.12.24 Pansy  {0048}  moved to Non Hoi Park Toyohashi City Zoo and Botanical Park.
1998.06.14 Marta  {0464}  gave birth to Marco  {0582}  whose father was Gayi  {0462} .
1999.11.24 Aki  {0190}  gave birth to  {0602}  whose father was Gayi  {0462} .
1999.11.27  {0602}  died from brain contusion.
2001.11.25 Momiji  {0645}  was born of Aki  {0190}  and Arashi.
2001.12.24  {0648}  was born of Ituri  {0463}  and Arashi. Baby died by the end of the same day.
2002.02.25 Sumire  {0651}  was born of Pansy  {0048}  and Arashi.
2006.01.04 Aki  {0190}  died.
2007.02.19  {0693}  was born of Marco  {0582}  and Arashi.
2007.03.07  {0693}  died.
2010.04.07 Arashi moved to Tama Zoological Park.
2013.04.13 Unknown  {9903}  was born. Whose mother was Mil  {0656} .
2013.08.07 Arashi died from pulmonary edema.
2014.02.04 not yet  {9907}  was born. Whose mother was Momoko  {0493} .
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