chimpanzee : Akira

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:0435    (2020-07-29Updated)
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Name Akira
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1976?
Place of birth Wild (Sierra Leone (Africa))
Current facility Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Akira has a gentle and nice-looking face. He has an outstanding, being broad-shouldered and narrow hipped. As the battle scars of a lot of fights, his front tooth is broken, pieces of his ears are missing, and one finger of his left foot is crooked. When strangers or people he dislikes are coming, he displays by throwing stones. He has good control! He cannot mate with females. He is in the habit of rubbing his soles and hands before he sleeps.
Akira is simple-minded and openhearted. He is loved by everyone for his honesty. He is not good at studying or coping with difficult tasks. He is weak in understanding his circumstances. Although he would like to mediate between the females, he is often chased by all the females for some unknown reasons.

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Life history
1976.06? Akira was born in Sierra Leone (Africa).
1978.01.30 Akira came to Kyoto University Primate Research Institute (PRI) from Africa together with Mari. (Weight 9.2 kg; bought from Kashou Corp.). As a member of the" Ai Project", Ai  {0434} , started using a personal computer together with Ai  {0434} .
1989.10.03 Ai and Akira escaped from Institute.
1995 New putdoor enclosure was completed. Chimpanzees now kept together in a group.
1998.07.29 Ai  {0434}  gave birth to the stillborn Atom  {0584} .
2000.04.24 Ayum  {0608}  was born. Mother Ai  {0434} .
2000.08.09 Pal  {0611}  was born. Mother: Pan  {0440} .
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Research results using samples from this individual
Hattori and Tomonaga (2019) showed that an auditory beat induced rhythmic swaying and other rhythmic movements, with larger responses from male chimpanzees than female chimpanzees.
Biometry Date of investigation 2007/5/30 (31.16years old)
Right upper dental formula Right lower dental formula Left upper dental formula Left lower dental formula
Weight (kg) Sitting height (mm) Body length Tail length Sternum length Upper arm length
64.4 840.0 498.0 0.0 0.0 335.0
Forearm length Thigh length Knee height Calf length Biacromial breadth Pelvic breadth
318.0 230.0 0.0 273.0 328.0 309.0
Inter-trochanteric breadth Inter-papillar breadth Left-right chest distance Upper-lower chest distance Neck circumference Chest circumference
279.0 179.0 267.0 216.0 0.0 988.0
Right arm circumference Right thigh circumference Calf circumference Foot circumference Head circumference Head length
398.0 573.0 357.0 260.0 0.0 165.0
Head breadth Bizygomatic breadth Bigonial breadth Upper face height Face height Nose height
134.0 144.0 99.0 86.0 118.0 52.0
External ear breadth Inner ear breadth Nose breadth Total head height Head height Ear length
87.0 33.0 33.0 157.0 67.0 69.0
Ear breadth          
Hand length 1 Hand length 2 Hand breadth Thumb length Middle finger length Foot length
232.0 224.0 85.0 54.0 129.0 249.0
Foot breadth Toe I length Toe III length      
62.0 59.0 88.0      
Abdominal skinfold thickness Triceps skinfold thickness Thigh skinfold thickness Back of waist skinfold thickness Neck skinfold thickness Underbust skinfold thickness
5.8 6.7 6.4 15.4 0.0 0.0
Iliocristale skinfold thickness Abdominal circumference Head and body length      
16.7 849.0 0.0      
Testis 78(L) 62(W) 55(D) / 歯式右上I1根元から折れてる
Teat (Width) Teat (Leng) Teat (Wid) Left Teat (Leng) Left    
0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0    
Testis Length Testis Width Testis Depth Left Testis L Left Testis W Left Testis D
78.0 62.0 55.0 - - -
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