chimpanzee : Gonbay

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Name Gonbay
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies ( P. t. verus )
Date of birth 1989?
Place of birth Africa (Egypt)
Current facility Himeji City Zoo
The individual has a handsome face.
The individual is gentle and does not make mischievous acts such as splashing water to others. When there is a tense atmosphere between Kinko and a zookeeper, he walks back and forth between them in perplexity. He gets along very well with Kinko, with whom he grew up, and takes a modest attitude to Kinko.
Life history
1989? Gonbey was born in Africa.
1991.04.15 Gonbay moved to Himeji City Zoo from North-South Trading. He lives with Kinko.
2007.07.25 Gonbay died.
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