chimpanzee : Kenny

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:0363    (2020-05-27Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Kenny
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies hybrid
Date of birth 1990.01.17
Place of birth Tama Zoological Park
Current facility Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kyoto University
Father Kenta
Mother Jane   (human rearing)
As the individual was artificially bred together with Judy(0360) when he was a child, he is on good terms with Judy. When he was a child, he lived with an adult chimpanzee and he was seriously injured. Because of the injury's aftereffects, he cannot stretch the fingers of his hind leg. When he came to Noichi Zoological Park, the hair around his neck was torn off by Judy because of over- grooming. After Judy was on good terms with Cherry, the hair around his neck started to grow. He cannot copulate.
This individual is sometimes timid, although his body is big. He is gentle with the person in charge. He sometimes does violence to the subordinate individuals.
Life history
1990.01.17 Kenny was born at Tama Zoological Park. He was raised by his mother but later raised on a bottle due to molnutrition. He grew up with Judy  {0360}  born a half month ago.
1991.06.18 Kenny came to Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture with Judy, according to Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture opened.
1991.10.29 Maya  {0361}  moved to Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture from Japan Monkey Centre.
1991.10.30 Toon  {0411}  moved to Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture from Nederland.
1994.03.25 Chelsea  {0522}  moved to Last chance chimpanzee farm in USA.
1999.07.09 Cherry  {0153}  moved to Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture from Izu Shaboten Park.
2008.06.10 Kenny moved to The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uto.
2014.09.17 died from acute heart failure
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Research results using samples from this individual
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