chimpanzee : Lino

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:0180    (2014-09-10Updated)
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Name Lino
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1981.08.18
Place of birth Asahiyama Zoo
Current facility Kobe Oji Zoo
Father Kiebo
Mother Gokuu   (human rearing)
The individual has slant eyes. Her body is large and her hair is excellent.
This individual has a strict character. She is stronger than Jhonny, a male. She is in the guise of calmness, and her feeling does not appear on her face. She bred her first child, Early, but the second child, Iku, was artificially bred.
Life history
1981.08.18 Lino was born at Asahiyama Zoo.
1989.07.05 Lino moved to Kobe Oji Zoo.
1993.03.30 Lino gave birth to Early  {0495}  whose father was Jhonny  {0003} .
1998.12.13 Lino gave birth to Iku  {0591}  whose father was Jhonny  {0003} .

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