chimpanzee : Panzee

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:0163    (2012-12-25Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Panzee
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1974?
Place of birth unknown (unknown)
Current facility Utsunomiya Zoo
When being a child, the individual was bred by Jack Takeda, a magician famous for animal magic. Her body has been small since her childhood.
This individual is clever but selfish. She has an unbalanced diet. She does not eat watermelons and melons since she dislikes them. She likes white rice very much. Therefore, whenever she has no appetite, we give her white rice.
Life history
1974? Panzee was born.
1976? Pansy appears on "Animal Magic Show".
1980.08.30 Panzee moved to Utsunomiya Zoo.
1987.05.30 World  {0086} , Ricky  {0090} , and Marija  {0091}  moved to Utsunomiya Zoo.
1990.05.26 Panzee gave birth to Marco  {0371}  whose father was World  {0086} .
1992.05.20 Panzee gave birth to Daisee  {0478}  whose father was World  {0086} .
1995.07.11 Panzee gave birth to Nana  {0541}  whose father was World  {0086} .
2000.07.15 Panzee gave birth to Natsumi  {0610}  whose father was World  {0086} .
2008.05.01 Panzee gave birth to Tango  {0703}  whose father was World  {0086} .
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