orangutan : Sume

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:0106    (2021-08-23Updated)
International studbook number: 2294

Name Sume
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. abelii (S)
Date of birth 1988?
Place of birth Asia (other than china & south Korea) (Indonesia)
Current facility Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Gardens
The individual is a mother with a childish face. She is expressive of pouting and smiling. When a fearful event occurs, she purses her lips and beeps.
When this individual was young, she was strong-minded so she attacked Iban. She dislikes to be scanned by humans. She became very vivid after Utan was born. She slightly overprotects Utan.
Life history
1988? Sume was born.
1992.06.01 Eban and Sume came to Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Gardens as gifts from the City of Medan, Northwestern Sumatra, Indonesia
1993.2 Sume was moved to the new Orangutan building after being quarantined.
1993.4 Eban came to the the orangutan building. Sume and Eban had a fight and they lived separately afterward.
2002.1 Sume lived with Eban and they copulated.
2003.09.04 249 days after mating, Sume gave birth to Utan  {0137}  whose father is Eban  {0105} .
2010.07.16 Sume gave birth to Lily  {0150}  whose father was Eban  {0105} .
2018.02.24 Sume gave birth to Popo  {0159}  whose father was Eban  {0105} .


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