orangutan : Eban

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:0105    (2018-02-28Updated)
International studbook number: 2293

Name Eban
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. abelii (S)
Date of birth 1988?
Place of birth Asia (other than china & south Korea) (Indonesia)
Current facility Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Gardens
The individual has an excellent male face with developed flanges on both the cheeks. The hair on the back is not very long. He has shadowy calm eyes. When a fearful event occurs, he purses his lips and beeps.
This individual has a timid and gentle character. Since he came to Japan when he was a child, and he grew up without mother, he was mentally unstable in his childhood. After growing up and starting to copulate with Sumi, he becomes stately. In the room, even Hutan plays by touching his face, he just keeps quiet. He is a really good father.
Life history
1988 Iban was born .
1992.06.01 Ivan and Sumih came to Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Gardens as gifts from the City of Medan, Northwestern Sumatra, Indonesia
1992.8 Ivan was moved to Monkey building after being quarantined.
1993.4 Ivan was moved to a new Orangutan building. He lived with Sumih at first but later they got onto bad terms and they lived in a separate house. Ivan lost.
2002.1 Ivan showed signs of feeling defeated for Sumih, so they lived together. They succeeded in copulating.
2003.09.04 Utan  {0137}  was born of Sumi  {0106}  and Iban.
2010.07.16 Lily  {0149}  was born of Sumi  {0106}  and Iban.
2018.02.24 not yet named  {0159}  was born. Whose mother was Sume  {0106} .

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