chimpanzee : Bonta

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:0072    (2016-09-28Updated)
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Name Bonta
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1972.02.15
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve
The individual's capacity for locomotion is high, showing a beautiful jump to catch a banana. As he was trained to rope dancing when he was young, he sometimes bipedally crosses a wire extended between towers. Recently, he becomes breathless soon after display.
This individual has a straightforward character, but he is fearful when he gets angry. He seems not to appropriately correspond to Noriko.
Life history
1972.02.15 Bonta was born in Wild.
1973.09.01 Bonta moved to Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve.
2002.03.21 Bonta moved to new house.
2004.08.19 A boy  {0669}  was born of Bonta and Jane  {0029} . Although Bonta could not exhibit mating behavior for long time, he finaly succeeded in mating under the lead of Jane after moving to new building.
2005.11.22 J-tarou  {0685}  was born of Bonta and Jane  {0029} .Jane was not milking well, so J-taro  {0685}  was raised on a bottle after 6-days-old. Afterward, Jane and J-taro live together.
2006.10.15  {0690}  was born of Jane  {0029}  and Bonta.


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