gorilla : Daiko

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
We assinged GAIN original IDs based on the domestic studbook numbers.
:0061    (2012-04-27Updated)
International studbook number: 670

Name Daiko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies G. g. gorilla
Date of birth 1977?
Place of birth Africa (Cameroon)
Current facility Hamamatsu City Zoo
In the mating season, the individual approaches a trainer. Using this behavior, the copulation with Shou has been attempted several times. The copulation with Shou in the chute has been actually confirmed.
This individual is stiff-hearted, and she is not afraid of humans very much. She attacks hateful mates. She has been tackled by Shou several times. She is interested in humans. She approaches the lattice to see visitors' reactions.
Life history
1977? Daiko was born in Republic of Cameroon.
1978.04.10 Daiko moved to Adventure World.
1981.12.20 Daiko moved to Hamamatsu City Zoo with Shou  {0060} .
2008.04.04 Daiko died from lung tumor (from news). weight of 85kg at the time of death.
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