orangutan : Rolie

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
We assinged GAIN original IDs based on the domestic studbook numbers.
:0061    (2014-09-10Updated)
International studbook number: 1710

Name Rolie
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. pygmaeus (B)
Date of birth 1979.06.21
Place of birth Tama Zoological Park
Current facility Kushiro City Zoo
Father Jiro
Mother Salie
The individual has already bred four children. She got fat every delivery, and exceeded 100 kg in about 2002. She is currently on a diet.
This individual is a coward and nervous. She is excellent in childcare. When a child has an article which must not be eaten, the individual takes it away. The individual allows us to touch a newborn baby.
Life history
1979.06.21 Rolie was born at Tama Zoological Park.
1983.05.20 Rolie moved to Kushiro City Zoo with Ken  {0059} . She lives with Ken  {0059} .
1993.03.28 Rolie gave birth to Sentarou  {0112}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .
1997.01.26 Rolie gave birth to Teijirou  {0120}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .
2001.12.07 Rolie gave birth to  {0133}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .
2003.12.15 Rolie gave birth to the stillborn baby  {0138}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .
2010.03.01 Rolie gave birth to Hina  {0148}  whose father is Tango  {0065} . She has been artificially bred.
2014.01.15 Rolie gave birth to Rina  {0153}  whose father was Tango  {0065} .

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