chimpanzee : Lilly

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:0012    (2015-11-29Updated)
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Name Lilly
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. troglodytes
Date of birth 1961?
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Tama Zoological Park
The individual was named Lilly after its keeper's friend, "Yuriko," for which "Yuri" means lily in English. The individual appeared on shows at the Tama Zoological Park during its childhood.
From the individual's appearance, it is evident that the outfit of Sun Wukong may suit it. She did things at her own pace, and exhibited bad-tempered and scholarly  characteristics (in 1999).
Life history
1961? Lily was born.
1963.06.23 Lilly moved to Tama Zoological Park.
1972.12.18 Lilly gave birth to Mally  {0061}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1978.06.29 Lilly gave birth to Henley  {0116}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1981.07.18 Lilly gave birth to Jolly  {0179}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1985.04.04 Lilly gave birth to Billy  {0242}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1985.04.04 Lilly gave birth to  {0243}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1986.04.14 Lilly gave birth to Elly  {0260}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1989.11.06 Lilly gave birth to Kelly  {0352}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1994.11.09 Lilly gave birth to Hally  {0520}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
1997.03.05 Lilly gave birth to  {0566}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
1998.01.14 Lilly gave birth to Killy  {0578}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
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