chimpanzee : Betty

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:0006    (2011-01-31Updated)
International studbook number: -
Name Betty
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1956?
Place of birth unknown (Africa?)
Current facility Tobu Zoo
When the individual was a child, she appeared in commercial messages together with other chimpanzees. She came to Tobu Zoo with Sum when the zoo opened.
This individual knows humans very well. She sometimes bullies a new caretaker by taking a spoon away or withdrawing a jute bag. Such behaviors are detailed in a book written by Koichiro Yoshiwara, a former caretaker in Tama Zoological Park.
Life history
1956? Betty was born in Africa?.
1958 Betty moved to Tama Zoological Park.
1960年頃 Betty appeared on a show or TV with Journey  {0005} , Pepe and Mimie  {0007}  as "The Quartet".
1968.03.01 Betty gave birth to Yuko  {0615}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1969.03.13 Betty gave birth to Belo  {0035}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1971.08.22 Betty gave birth to Pansy  {0048}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1981.02.09 Betty moved to Tobu Zoo with Sum  {0114} .
1981.12.18 Mally  {0061}  moved to Tobu Zoo. She lives with Sum  {0114} , Betty  {0006} , and Mally  {0061} .
1986.09.30 Betty died from hemorrhagic colitis.
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