gorilla : Genki

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
We assinged GAIN original IDs based on the domestic studbook numbers.
:0079    (2018-12-20Updated)
International studbook number: 918

Name Genki
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies G. g. gorilla
Date of birth 1986.06.24
Place of birth Kyoto City Zoo
Current facility Kyoto City Zoo
Father Makk
Mother Hiromi
This is an individual in the third generation of Kyoto City Zoo. She has a distinctive plumpish body.
The individual was especially innocent in its childhood. There were times when, going somewhere, she would hide behind her mother. She used to be sensitive but is recently becoming sociable. She likes fruits.
Life history
1986.06.24 Genki was born at Kyoto City Zoo. Her father is Makk  {0038} , and her mother is Hiromi  {0058} .
1997.03.19 Genki moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens. (BW106.5kg)
1999.11.29 Genki moved to Kyoto City Zoo. (BW68kg)
2011.12.21 Genki gave birth to Gentaro  {0096}  whose father was Momotaro  {0091} .
2018.12.19 Genki gave birth to not yet named  {0103}  whose father was Momotaro  {0091} .

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