gorilla : Shou

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0060    (2017-03-27Updated)
International studbook number: 669

Name Shou
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies G. g. gorilla
Date of birth 1977?
Place of birth Africa (Cameroon)
Current facility Hamamatsu City Zoo
When a trainer asks, the individual sometimes helps the trainer to clean up the place below the door of the chute by removing twigs using his hands so that the door can be closed easily. The individual does not pull out and throw a plant with roots, which were seen in the past. He does not masturbate alone. He does not become nervous of the copulation with Daiko in the chute even if he is seen by a trainer.
This individual is interested in humans. He is curious so he picks a caretaker's shoe sole by his finger or a twig and enjoys seeing the caretaker's reaction.
Life history
1977? Shou was born in Republic of Cameroon.
1978.04.10 Shou came to Adventure World? (Start breeding in Japan 1981.12.20 in the pedigree registration certificate.)
1981.12.20 Shou moved to Hamamatsu City Zoo with Daiko  {0061} .
2002.03.12 Shou moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens.
2004.03.08 Shou moved to Hamamatsu City Zoo.
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