gorilla : Bulbul

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:0001    (2012-10-24Updated)
International studbook number: 65
Name Bulbul
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies G. g. gorilla
Date of birth 1953?
Place of birth Africa (Cameroon)
Current facility Ueno Zoological Gardens
The individual is the first gorilla who came to a zoo in Japan, and he is the longest-lived male in the world. The name Bulbul means master in Swahili. His aspect and constitution are great, and his body weight once reached 250 kg. He is a male of august presence. His favorite foods are orange, pineapple, and melon.
Since this individual did not use violence on females because of his gentle character, he was popular with females. Because of being nervous, he suffered from serious neurosis and he tore off his head hair in 1971. He takes a strong attitude toward newcomers.
Life history
1953? Bulbul was born in Cameroon (West African).
1957.11.17 Bulbul moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens from Aritake Birds and Animals with M'bul {0002}  and Zaak {0003} .
1981.09.20 Bulbul, Taiko {0027}  and Toyoko {0028}  lived together in the playground. The whole environment was exhibited.
1982.09.06 Put a cardboard box containing tomatos, bananas and apples into Gorilla Building. -> Bulbul often played with them.
1984.04.06 Rope (length is 10m, the thickness is about 4cm) was introduced to the Bulbul's bedroom.
1994.05.09 Bulbul weight 179kg
1996 Gorilla Forest was completed in Ueno Zoological Gardens
1997.11.01 1:20 Bulbul died from senility. A stuffed specimen is in the National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo.
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