gorilla : Rola

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0059    (2019-01-04Updated)
International studbook number: 1222

Name Rola
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies G. g. gorilla
Date of birth 1977.09.21
Place of birth Beppu Cable Rakutenchi
Current facility Chiba Zoological Park
Father Gonta
Mother Rirako
The individual was born in Beppu Cable Rakutenchi as a daughter of Rirako, and went to Tobu Zoo for marriage. After the husband's death, she has lived alone. Her forehead looks like that of Rirako.
This individual often feels lonely. Since she was separated from her mother soon after birth and bred artificially, she does not recognize Rirako as her mother, and she has a human-like character.
Life history
1977.09.21 Rola was born at Beppu Cable Rakutenchi.
1980.11.26 Rola came to Tobu Zoo, as a pairing target of Bill  {0063} 
1983.02.05 Bill  {0063}  died.
1985.09.09 Sharon  {0078}  moved to Chiba Zoological Park.
1988.01.23 Sharon  {0078}  died.
1993.10.24 Rola moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens.
1996 Gorilla Forest was completed in Ueno Zoological Gardens
2008.12.08 Rola moved to Chiba Zoological Park with Kenta  {0072} .
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