orangutan : Didi

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:0118    (2017-06-13Updated)
International studbook number: 2779

Name Didi
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. abelii (S)
Date of birth 1996.4.28
Place of birth Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture
Current facility Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture
Father Nobu
Mother Marine   (human rearing)
Recently, the individual's face has matured. He likes to clash a cylinder lock. When he cowers, he holds his head by two hands. He swells its throat, but he does not find its voice.
This individual is tamed. He seizes other's things sometimes, but he does not return it smoothly.
Life history
1996.04.28 Didi was born at Tobe Zoological Park, Ehime as the first baby between Marin  {0097}  and Nobu  {0086} . She is also the first oragutan baby born in this park. Because Marin  {0097}  could not give the breast to Didi in spite of holding her baby, Didi was rased on a bottle afterward.
1998.01.18  Didi's mother Marin  {0097}  died from diabetes.
2002頃 Didi lived with walking around the park and then he was moved to the breeding cage because of his big body and for the replacement of staff.

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