orangutan : Nobu

GAIN ID numberGAIN ID number
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:0086    (2013-02-21Updated)
International studbook number: 2160

Name Nobu
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. abelii (S)
Date of birth 1985.11.03
Place of birth Nagoya-city Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Current facility Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture
Father Baran
Mother Pree   (human rearing)
The individual sometimes swells his throat, but he scarcely finds its voice. When he has something to complain, he purses its lips and beeps.
The individual is clever. He returns what he takes from the staff members and is obedient to the orders.
Life history
1985.11.03 Nobu was born at Nagoya-city Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. He is the third child of father Baran  {0008}  and mother :Pree  {0010}  . He has two older sisters, Neo and Aki. He was raised on a bottle.
1991.03.04 Nobu came to Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime Prefecture via North-South Trading at 5 years. Live with Marin {0097} .
1996.04.28 Didi  {0118}  was born of Marin  {0097}  and Nobu.
1998.01.18   Marin  {0097}  died from diabetes. Nobu is living alone.
2011.10.04 Nobu died from multiple organ failure.
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