orangutan : Chako

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:0051    (2009-07-07Updated)
International studbook number: 1467
Name Chako
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. pygmaeus (B)
Date of birth 1975.11.27
Place of birth Kyoto City Zoo
Current facility Kyoto City Zoo
Father Goro
Mother Ruby
As the individual was a lovely child with brown hair, she was named Chako (brown child in Japanese). This naming method is similar to that of a gorilla Makk (black in Japanese). She had the habit of raising her lower ear.
Life history
1975.11.27 Chako was born at Kyoto City Zoo. Her father is Goroh  {0028} , and her mother is Ruby  {0034} .
1975.12頃 Although mother gave Chako the breast first, Chako was given a milk with a nursing bottle because of mother's poor milking.
1980.08.31 Hop  {0066}  was born of Goroh  {0028}  and Ruby  {0034} .
1991.04.28 Chako died from renal failure.
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